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Raw natural dog food

Raw Natural Dog Food Tips

Raw Natural Dog Food TipsRaw Natural Dog Food Tips

There has been a lot of concern over different kinds of dog food. Various recalls and consumer complaints have shown that not all commercially sold dog food are good for dogs. This has led a lot of people to consider giving their pet’s raw natural dog food . There are, however, a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing natural food for your dog.

– Know Your Pet and His Food

The first thing you have to remember is that raw natural dog food comes in many forms. Natural may mean feeding your dog raw meat and vegetables, cooked meat and vegetables or commercially sold natural food.
Not all dogs are same. Their nutritional requirements vary dependent on their different breeds and specific health conditions. You should always observe your dog’s behavior and health condition, especially after changes in food. Consult your veterinarian with your observation and ask for his advice.

– Prepare Food for Your Dog

Quite a few dog owners love to prepare food for their dogs by themselves. This is a very good idea, but you should know your dog really well to serve him with exactly what he needs in nutrition. Raw food is just as good as cooked ones, although many believe that cooking and heating will help kill the bacteria in the food.

You should also note that many human foods can be dangerous or even toxic to your dogs. Examples of such foods include chocolates, raisins, mushrooms and onions. You can make the list complete with your own research and observation. To play it safe, commercial brands of natural dog food are probably better choices over self-prepared natural dog food.

– Read What the Labels Say

When shopping dog food, you should always read the labels just like what you do with human foods. Pay close attention to its ingredients. These synthetic ingredients are very likely to lead to gastrointestinal problems, malnutrition and behavioral changes in dogs.

– Get Enough Proteins and Nutrients for Your Dog

Dogs were built to be carnivorous so the bulk of their diet should remain protein-rich. The protein sources, however, should never be low-grade meat by-products. Your dog should be fed high-quality lean meat and poultry.

Apart from protein, vitamins and minerals are also essential nutrients that should be found in natural dog food. You may choose to buy foods with fortified nutrients, or may feed your dog with vitamin-rich foods, such as squash, beans and peas.

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