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Natural dog food recipes

Natural dog food recipes Dogs will love

Natural Dog Food Recipes Natural dog food recipes Dogs will love

Dogs are loyal pets and need to be appreciated, Feeding your dog properly is one way of showing appreciation, There are different cheap natural recipes that you can feed your dog, These recipes are healthier as compared to commercial recipes, Most home made recipes can be kept for more than one week if properly preserved, you can even put homemade dog foods inside a freezer, Here are a few Natural dog food recipes .

Here are some natural dog food recipes

Peanut butter cookies

Dogs like peanut butter and using cookies is a great way of sneaking some fish oil inside the diet of your dog. Fish oil goes a long way in improving the dog’s coat not only making it soft and shinny but healthier as well. Check out for organic peanut butter at any grocery shop near you. Most commercial brands of peanut butter consist of hydrogenated addictive and oils that are unhealthy. It’s better to make peanut butter on your own by using peanut oil and raw peanuts. Process the mixture inside the food processor .

Chicken jerky

Give your puppies’ chicken jerky treats as an alternative to store –bought raw hides. The jerky is chewy apart from being tough, it’s therefore important to keep the dog occupied for some time. Chicken jerky also gives the dog an immense amount of proteins; this is always good for the muscle structure of the dog .

Frozen yogurt pops

If your dog likes chasing ice cubes all over the kitchen, he must love these frozen treats. They are made from human grade ingredients and include carrots and fruit juice. These ingredients give your puppy the vitamin boost that he so much desires. Yogurt consists of proteins and calcium that can assist your dog during digestion. It’s important to note that non-fat-yogurt is healthier as compared to other types of yogurt especially if you have a dog that is overweight .

Vegetable and fruit strips

These strips are cheaper alternatives to organic chewy treats that are found in pet stores. They break apart easily and can be served in smaller pieces as training rewards. Vegetables and fruits have plenty of vitamin c and this helps the dog’s immune system .

Vegetable and beef balls

There are dogs that prefer meaty dogs as compared to sweet ones. These treats always have hearty meat flavors as well as good aroma that every dog loves. When you make this, your dog will stand outside the oven wagging the tail and waiting impatiently for the treat to cool .

Vegetable and turkey dinner

This food recipe consists of vegetables and turkey. The turkey is rich in proteins while the vegetables have minerals and vitamins. Turkey has fewer fats as compared to beef and this makes it an ideal recipe for puppies that are overweight .

Chicken casserole

This type of recipe uses chicken; chicken is rich in proteins and you can add vegetables in order to create flavorful mixes. The meat assists the dog to feel full while vegetables are helpful during digestion .

Doggies chili

Dogs require large amounts of proteins so that they can remain active and healthy. Your puppy will get a majority of these proteins from whole meat sources that include fresh chicken. Beans also have great amounts of proteins .

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