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Guard Dog Training Tips

Guard Dog Training Tips Easy To Follow

Guard Dog Training Tips

Easy To Follow Guard Dog Training Tips

Dogs are human’s best friend and are known for their loyalty. They can be loyal more than anyone else, even your love interest. Anyhow, if you own a dog, together with enjoying great companionship, you can also increase the security of your home. A properly trained guard dog can keep your home safe from intruders and burglars. Guard dogs, however, should not be confused with “attack dogs”. Even gentle breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors, on receiving the right training, can become great guard dogs. If you are now wondering how to train your little friend the right way, then the guard dog training tips given below will serve to be a perfect guide.



The first thing you need to do is socialize your dog properly. To do this you need to make your pet get used to traffic, noises, thunderstorm, other animals, friends, and relatives. If proper socialization is not done, it will be difficult for your pet to identify threatening scenarios. You would not want your dog to bark at your boyfriend thinking him to be a threat. So, make sure you start socialization training as soon as your little pet becomes a part of your family.


Obedience Training


Once you have properly socialized your dog, it will be best to begin with basic obedience training program, as this will make your role certain as the teacher of the dog. Unlike a companion dog, a guard dog is supposed to obey all your commands and that too immediately. While you train your dog to be obedient, make sure he/she accepts only your command and no one else’s. This is very important because if an intruder is able to control your dog using the same commands that you do, then imagine your state.


Barking at Intruders or Strangers


The next thing you need to do is teach your dog to bark when someone approaches your house, and then give commands to stop showing that the person is a friend. Conversely, if a stranger approaches, let your dog keep on barking until you tell him to stop. You can next teach your pet to go to any member of your family when something unusual happens. You can make him learn this by rewarding him each time he completes this task successfully.


Set Property Boundaries


When training your pet to be a guard dog, it is very important to teach him/her where exactly your property ends (like the driveway or the front yard). This needs to be a very important part of your guard dog training program. Once you accomplish this mission successfully, your dog will identify your property as his/her “territory” and will guard against anyone who tries to trespass this boundary.


While following these guard dog training tips, make sure you familiarize your little friend with other members of your family, including pets. It is important that the kids and adults in your family interact with the dog and give him attention and love. This will help your pet understand that they are family and he/she will never consider them a threat.

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