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dog training for puppies

Dog Training For Puppies

dog training for puppies

Dog Training For Puppies

We can all agree puppies are the cutest animals on the planet. Unlike fully-grown dogs, puppies learn very quickly with proper instruction and guidance. The precedents you set now will surely last a lifetime. There are various ways to train a puppy. They include house training, crate training and general training that can be done anywhere. If you have been looking for the best Dog training tips for puppies, this article will come in handy.

Always listen

The best way to communicate with your puppy is to go out of your way to show that you care. If it appears to be uncomfortable meeting a group of people for the first time, do not force it to be blend in. Puppies take time to warm up to other people, therefore, you should respect this.

Be affectionate when necessary

Being affectionate towards your puppy when they do the right thing is one of the most important things in Dog training tips for puppies. During obedience training, you should show affection when your puppy does the right thing. Often, we are too quick to shun these creatures of habit away without knowing that they learn even when they are not being taught.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate!

Always keep your eyes open on how your puppy behaves when it wants something. This way, you will be able to know its language of communication. There is nothing wrong with saying no but this does not mean that your puppy will understand what you are saying. If you ask your puppy to sit, tell him why and he will understand.

Give your puppy time to change

Change does not happen overnight. You need to be realistic as far as changing your puppy’s behavior. There is no specific timeline for behavioral change because all puppies are different. As puppies consider jumping, barking and digging normal behavior, they may take a while to adjust. This is the best time to practice patience.

Give what you want to get

When training puppies you get what you reinforce, not what you want. Whatever behavior your puppy exhibits as it is growing is what you have reinforced at one point in time. If it barks loudly and you give it what it wants, then it will constantly do this. Persistence always pays off. You do not have to give into all its demands. In fact, sometimes ignoring the puppy is the best thing to do.

Your puppy will always read your body signals, therefore, ensure that you communicate what you intend to. There are many Dog training tips for puppies, but these ones are the best of the bunch!

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